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Outdoor Home Nations 2021

Disability Bowls England High-Performance Squad members selected to attend. Home Nations Ayr 2021 – 2nd September – 5th September 2021

B2 ​Chris Turnbull​​​ Yorkshire

B3​ Alison Yearling​​​ ​ Devon

VI Directors:

Mark Wherry​​​ Cornwall

Sue Wherry​​​ ​ ​ Cornwall

B6​ Craig Bowler​​​ Bedfordshire

B6​​ Steve Ireland​​​ Sussex

B8​​ Mike Robertson​​ Huntingdonshire

B8​​ Kieran Rollings​​​ Northamptonshire

B6​​ Michelle White​​ Kent

B7​​ Gill Platt​​​ Surrey

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