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DBE North v South

The teams for the North v South for the Maggy Smith MBE Shield on Saturday 27 Aug have been selected and are shown below, could all players please report to the Competitions Secretary by 1.45pm so that stickers can be given out to all participants, the rink draw will take place on the day:

North (Blue below waist) South (White below waist)

Triple 1 Triple 1

Sally Darby Janette Maisey
Khalila Hussain Liam Tucker
Tim Swann Steve Stockley

Triple 2 Triple 2

Romney Denning Amanda Tucker
Harry Atkin Michelle White
Mike McDonaugh Mike Robertson

Triple 3 Triple 3

Paula Watts Peter Cave
John Hollowell John Wrenn
Michael Cox Gill Platt (Captain)

Triple 4 Triple 4

Craig Bowler Julie Deferville
Terry Boswell Jamie Pugsley
Colin Wagstaff (Captain) Kevin Vernon

Rink 1 Rink 1

Heather Hill Marjorie Convey
Steven Nicholson Tom Rigby
Jonathan Stokes Denise Rolland
Arthur Redfearn Lea Davis

Rink 2 Rink 2

Daniel Rogers Kieran Parkes
Barry Nicholson Beth Lacey
Declan Flint Jennie Sandford
Kieran Rollings Craig Hucksted

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