Love Fisher Brown Award

Guidance Notes.

The Love Fisher Brown Award was created to recognise clubs that provide disabled participation opportunities for their bowlers. This award, named after the remarkable and inspiring Commonwealth Games achievements of Bob Love, David Fisher and Paul Brown, showcases the excellent work being undertaken by clubs with disabled bowlers around the country, and provide a benchmark for other clubs to aspire to.

All clubs affiliated to either Bowls England or English Indoor Bowling Association that offer opportunities for disabled bowlers are encouraged to nominate. Nominations can be submitted by anyone within the club (e.g. club member, volunteer, coach or committee member), or outside the club (e.g. disabled participant, carer, friend or relative).

Entries for the award open on Thursday 5th September at 9am and close on Friday 22nd November at 5pm. The winner and the two runners-up will be announced on 3rd December 2019.


Nominations are accepted for:

  1. Clubs affiliated to either Bowls England or English Indoor Bowling Association.
  2. Clubs that:
    • Run a regular activity for disabled bowlers that has started at least 6 weeks prior to the club being nominated for an award; or
    • Have been able to integrate a significant number of disabled bowlers to the club’s mainstream activities.
  3. Clubs that have NOT won the award in the past 2 years.


A five-person panel comprised of the Disability Steering Group members will assess each of the entries, based on the selection criteria outlined in the entry form, and announce the winner and two runners-up in December 2019. The assessment panel will only consider the content in the nomination form when deciding on the winner and runners-up. Therefore, it is essential for nominators to include as much information as possible in order to increase their club’s chances of receiving the award.


Clubs can be nominated by completing our 4-page nomination form, divided into four sections, which can be accessed from Bowls Development Alliance’s website. Nominators can either email the completed form to, or complete the paper form and post it to:

Bowls Development Alliance,
Pera Business Park,
Nottingham Rd,
Melton Mowbray
LE13 0PB

The first section asks from the nominator to provide their own and the club’s contact details.

The second section requires the nominator to provide an accurate breakdown of the number of disabled participants by gender and impairment. If you are unsure about this section, please consult with the club coaches or officials before nominating.

The third section allows the nominator to describe in detail the nature of the activity or work the club has undergone. Please make sure you include important information such as the type of activity, the number and background of the participants, the regularity of the activity, the involvement of the club, etc.

The fourth section is for nominators to illustrate the impact the club’s work has had on the disabled participants and the other club members. Here, the nominator can include anecdotes about the extent to which the club’s activity has positively benefited the disabled participants’ lives, for example by helping them socialise, gain more independence, or become more physically active.


The Love Fisher Brown Award Winner will receive:

  1. A Winner’s Trophy.
  2. A Winner’s Framed Certificate.
  3. A Para Handy Bowls Wheelchair with the winner club logo on the wheel.
  4. A celebration event with Disability Bowls England.

The two Love Fisher Brown Award Runners-up will receive:

  1. A Runner-up framed certificate.
  2. 1 Drakes Pride Bowling Arm

Love Fisher Brown Award 2018 – Nomination Forms