Disability Bowls England umbrella for Physical, Sensory and Learning

Bowls for people with disabilities.

The sport of Bowls can be played by almost anyone, with or without a disability.

It can be played in many formats, singles, pairs, triples and fours. It can be played in teams of whatever number you wish. It can be played competitively at local, national and international level or it can be a social pastime, whatever you want.

Bowlers with a disability can compete with or against non-disabled bowlers in most situations. It is one of the most accessible and integrated sports readily available.

In general in recent years the game has become far more accessible to people with disabilities with the development of wheelchairs designed especially for bowling greens to prevent damage to the greens along with several other aids enabling more participation in the sport.

Whether you are an existing bowler with a disability or if you have never tried bowls and have a disability, why not contact us, we would love to hear from you and get you involved with Disability Bowls England.

Who knows, you could be playing for England one day!


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