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National Disability Survey 2015 Report Released

BDA logoAs part of the Bowls Development Alliance’s [BDA] work to increase the number of disabled people playing bowls by 2,800 participants by March 2017, the National Disability Survey 2015 was launched on 2th August, 2015. The purpose of the survey was to develop a greater understanding of the participation habits and views of disabled and non-disabled people taking part in bowls. Continue reading “National Disability Survey 2015 Report Released”

Masters Singles 21st & 22nd Nov 2015

Top bowlers from four different disability bowls groups played in the elite 16-person event. The groups represented were BWBA (for wheelchair bowlers), CPSport (for bowlers with cerebral palsy, strokes and head injury) VIBE (visually impaired) and EALABA (for amputee’s and other disabilities). Each disability group nominates 4 top bowlers, they are then drawn into 4 pools consisting of one bowler from each disability group. They play a round robin in their pool, the winners of each pool determine the semi-finalists. Continue reading “Masters Singles 21st & 22nd Nov 2015”

Bowls Organisations Team Up To Increase Opportunities For Disabled People

The Bowls Development Alliance, Disability Bowls England, Bowls England, English Indoor Bowling Association Ltd, Aero Bowls have all teamed up to form a working group to increase the opportunities for disabled people to participate in the sport of bowls. Continue reading “Bowls Organisations Team Up To Increase Opportunities For Disabled People”

England Versus Scotland Test Match – 16/11/15

Gedling IBC in Nottingham hosted an International Test Match between England and Scotland over the weekend of 14th /15th Nov 2015, which saw England victorious after a gruelling battle, played with great camaraderie and to a very high standard. Continue reading “England Versus Scotland Test Match – 16/11/15”

Disability Bowls August A Great Success

Having reached the end of Disability Bowls August, the Bowls Development Alliance would take this opportunity take a look back at some of the events from the past 31 days which began with the official launch of the promotional month, designed to raise awareness of disability bowls. Continue reading “Disability Bowls August A Great Success”

National Disability Strategic Action Plan launched

To conclude Disability Bowls August with a bang, the final press release of the month focuses on the inaugural National Disability Strategic Action Plan (NDSAP) which is launched today, publicly for the first time having been in development since January. Continue reading “National Disability Strategic Action Plan launched”